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Robert Sobregrau (born 1982). Philosopher, photographer, professional waiter and now… sound artist. He is not a musician. He is only an usurper with some acknowledgments about sound engineering. He started his musical career in 2008. He worked alone with several alien samplers and some basic software. That is the concept.

His first masterwork (A Sedentary Lifestyle, Stress And Other Factors, 2011) consists in a long piece armed with a short number of elements. It’s only minimalism, but I like it.

A few months later, Robert compiles five pieces from his early works in a volume called Oversized Silence. These are erratic but let us taste a part of the depuration process of his unique style. That volume was a personal demand from the netlabel Espais.netlab.

Robert’s music is an exercise of sound sociology or, if you prefer, a philosophical essay without words. He is very interested in the social hygiene theory, the works of Manuel Delgado and the new connections between arts and landscape, specially the Joan Nogué works.



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